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More Facts on Psychofacts :)

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Lego Just Got Told Off By A 7-Year-Old Girl

Dear Lego company:

My name is Charlotte. I am 7 years old and I love legos but I don’t like that there are more Lego boy people and barely any Lego girls.

Today I went to a store and saw legos in two sections the girls pink and the boys blue. All the girls did was sit at home, go to the beach, and shop, and they had no jobs but the boys went on adventures, worked, saved people, and had jobs, even swam with sharks.

I want you to make more Lego girl people and let them go on adventures and have fun ok!?!

Thank you.

From Charlotte.”


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موت في القاهرة | Death in Cairo
Designed by me.
The background photograph was taken by me, almost 10 years ago in Cairo, using a film camera.

#cairo #design #arabic #القاهرة #بالعربي

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Razbolje se šimšir list
pod pendžerom lijepe Magbule
Aman, razbolje se pa od tuge požuti
Crnooka Magbulo
do korijena sav sam ogrez’o
Aman, u suzama sevdah jada golemog
Ne plač’ više, djevojko
svaki momak može biti tvoj
Aman, ne plač’ više, već me zalij vodicom

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)

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